First Baptist Church of Waynesville
Friday, February 21, 2020
Where The Nations Have Met For Over 135 Years

Our History

 The History of 1st Baptist Church of Waynesville...
Where there is no vision, the people perish…Proverbs

The fifth of May 1880 was an exciting time for some residents in and around Waynesville.  The Waynesville First Baptist Church was organized that day.  Plans were started for a building.  Seven years and $805.00 later, a move was made to the new building, where the stone structure now stands (which is today’s fellowship hall).  In the meantime the church met in the county courthouse.  Two other buildings replaced the original, before the stone structure was erected in 1936. 
            Waynesville First Baptist Church is made up of mission minded people.  We started Parkview mission and in 1958 they organized as a church and later changed the name to St. Robert First Baptist Church.   Waynesville First Baptist Church started Westside Baptist mission with groundbreaking in May 1959.  In September 1960 they organized as Westside Baptist Church.
            Shortly after ground breaking for the present children’s building in 1969 a bus ministry was started.  With three busses, then four busses, attendance in Sunday School reached over 300, resulting in a large children’s church.  Also, a second (early) morning worship service was offered for a while in 1973.  The first and much needed daycare for children in this area opened in this building in 1974 and ran for several years.  Mrs. Irene Allen and Mrs. Macey Miller from this church ran the day care.
            The Korean ministry was started in the mid-1970’s.  In 1977 a licensed Southern Baptist preacher was called.   Waynesville First Baptist Church contributed to his salary along with the Pulaski Baptist Association and the Missouri Baptist Convention.  Korean services were held in the sanctuary while the remainder of the church was in Sunday School until 1983.
            Waynesville First Baptist Church became sponsors of the Pulaski Baptist Association Hispanic work in 1985.  Chaplain Roland and Mrs. Etheleen Armstrong, long-time members here, had been involved with the Hispanic work for several years.   Waynesville First Baptist Church sponsored a church in from June 1997 to December 2000.   Waynesville First Baptist Church has also sent contributions to KCVO radio as well.   Waynesville First Baptist Church has contributed non-perishable food to the “Good Samaritan Center” for years, and the Waynesville First Baptist Church WMU (Women’s Missionary Union) ladies started the “English-As-A-Second-Language” classes which are now held on Fort Leonard Wood with the cooperation of the Post Chaplain.  There has been a WMU “Circle” for many years at Waynesville First Baptist Church, with the ladies taking on several mission projects.
            At various times focus was turned to improving our own facilities at Waynesville First Baptist Church, such as adding the children’s building (1969); adding the present sanctuary (1981), tearing out the present educational building and replacing it; and remodeling the old sanctuary into the fellowship hall (1990).  The church also purchased property surrounding the building.  Finally, in 2002 a new parsonage was bought.
          More recent pastors beginning in 1964 have been:  Reverend Wilbur Harbaugh, Dr. Othal Hodson, Reverend Bill Turner, Dr. Dennis Crowder and Bro Steve Clark (our present Pastor)